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PUBLIC SAFETY SEARCH AND RECOVERY DIVER Be One Of The Highest Certified & Trained Public Safety Divers In The World!

PADI Public Safety Search & Recovery Diver Course with PRO SCUBA CENTER

Public Safety Divers and Underwater Crime Scene Investigators need to be extremely proficient in selecting and conducting search and recovery dives and lifting techniques. This course is more in depth and detailed than recreational search and recovery and emphasizes management and control of potential hazards and problems. By completion the diver will have developed the knowledge and skills to effectively and safely organize, plan and conduct public safety search and recovery dives. If you are not a member of a dive team but have an interest in taking your search and recovery skills to a professional level, you too can enroll in this course. 

The Fun Part

Knowing when you walk away from a dive site that you have either safely recovered the target or you can say with confidence, "The target is not there."

What You Learn

  • The knowledge and skills to effectively select and safely conduct professional level search and recovery dives
  • An understanding of how to determine, manage and control the hazards and problems more specific to public safety search and recovery diving
  • What safety factors must be implemented in various search and recovery techniques
  • More knowledge of lifting objects, problems, hazards, and how to manage them


To enroll in the PADI Public Safety Search & Recovery Diver course, you must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • A PADI Search & Recovery Diver (or have a qualifying certification from another organization)

For all your learning materials and equipment, contact PRO SCUBA CENTER.

 Your Next Adventure

With this certification in your logbook you have now met the prerequisite for many of our other courses such as, Public Safety Underwater Body Recovery Specialist, Public Safety Underwater Evidence Recovery Diver, and Public Safety Underwater Vehicle Recovery Diver. Pick the one that interests you or better yet, take them all!

Be Better Prepared

The PADI Public Safety Diver course will give you a head start on mastering the skills in this course. 

 For more information about this or other PADI courses contact PRO SCUBA CENTER.


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