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PUBLIC SAFETY UNDERWATER BODY RECOVERY SPECIALIST Be One Of The Highest Certified & Trained Public Safety Divers In The World!

PADI Public Safety Underwater Body Recovery Specialist Course with PRO SCUBA CENTER

Often public safety divers are called upon to recovery a body. The individual may have been the victim of an accident, a suicide or a homicide. Regardless, it is up to the public safety diver to return the body to loved ones with dignity. At the same time it is imperative to determine why the victim was in the water; therefore, we may be asked to collect and preserve evidence either on or around the victim. Professional underwater body recovery is not simply bringing the body to the surface as most dive teams do. It involves witness, suspect and media interviews. It involves showing empathy and compassion for the family of the victim. And it involves an investigation of the situation to assist in determining if a crime has been commited. 

If you want to become a professional at underwater body recovery and be a true asset to law enforcement, then you need to enroll in this class. Make no mistake, underwater body recovery is not for everyone. It requires a specific personality and mindset. While we can not alter your personality, we can help you develop the correct mindset and skills.

The Fun Part

There is no fun part to underwater body recovery. However, there are rewards. The reward of sending a criminal to jail because of the evidence you recovered. The reward of bringing closure to the family of the victim by returning their loved one with dignity. The reward of a family member saying "Thank you" with tears in their eyes. No fun, but very rewarding!

What You Learn

  • You’ll be introduced and familiarized in all aspects of underwater body recovery techniques
  • The dynamics of drowning and body movement in the water
  • Scene size-up, scene control and preservation, evidence protection, and report writing
  • The difference between simply pulling a body from the water and recovering a body
  • Various techniques for body recovery


To enroll in the PADI Public Safety Underwater Body Recovery Specialist course, you must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • A PADI Search & Recovery Diver
  • A PADI Public Safety Search & Recovery Diver
  • A PADI Public Safety Diver

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 Your Next Adventure

 Is the one you choose. It might be Public Safety Underwater Evidence Recovery Diver or Public Safety Underwater Vehicle Recovery Diver or even Underwater Crime Scene Investigator

Be Better Prepared

The Public Safety Rescue Diver course will help you be ready in the event an emergency situation arises. 

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