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PUBLIC SAFETY UNDERWATER VEHICLE RECOVERY DIVER Be One Of The Highest Certified & Trained Public Safety Divers In The World!

PADI Public Safety Underwater Vehicle Recovery Diver Course with PRO SCUBA CENTER

Unfortunately vehicles end up underwater. They may be as small as a bicycle or as large as a transfer truck. It might be a jet ski or a large boat. They may be there by accident or disposed of intentionally to destroy evidence. They may or may not have a body trapped inside. Regardless the result is the same -- contamination of our waters either by deterioration or chemical products such as gas or oil. They must be removed! On occasion the vehicle was used in a crime and may contain evidence or a body. As you can see underwater vehicle recovery is a multi-faceted aspect of public safety diving. 

Vehicle recovery is not as simple as "hook it up and snatch it out." There are many aspects  to consider, not the least of which is the number of hazards that are involved. It is imperative that we keep our divers safe and at the same time preserve any evidence that might exist to determine the cause of the vehicle being in the water. If your desire is to remove vehicles safely, effectively and professionally, then you need to sign up for this course. 

The Fun Part

Working with lift bags which can lift 2200 pounds each! What a rush to see a vehicle rise to the surface!

What You Learn

  • To become highly proficient in the use of vehicle search and recovery techniques in the water
  • Entry dynamics and vehicle movement in the water
  • Scene size-up, scene control and preservation, evidence protection, and report writing
  • To understand the difference between simply pulling a vehicle from the water and recovering a vehicle
  • The additonal hazards involved in vehicle recovery and how to prevent and minimize those hazards


To enroll in the PADI Public Safety Underwater Vehicle Recovery Diver course, you must be:

  • 18 years or older
  • A PADI Search & Recovery Diver 
  • PADI Public Safety Search & Recovery Diver
  • PADI Public Safety Diver

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 Your Next Adventure

Could include Public Safety Underwater Body Recovery Specialist, Public Safety Underwater Evidence Recovery Diver or Underwater Crime Scene Investigator.

Be Better Prepared

Due to the potential for entrapment, the Public Safety Rescue Diver course would be a great benefit.

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